Pra' and basil

Pra’, a small town located in the western part of Genova, has built in the past years its own cultural and economic identity upon two environmental elements which are fundamental: the sea and the land.


The town of Pra’ has grown both as a maritime village and as a territory particularly suitable for agriculture thanks to its flat plain, also known as Piana Podestà (Podestà Plain), and to its terraces accurately built by farmers, “i villen” in Genoese dialect, in the inner lands of the region which are used today to cultivate first fruits, such as basil.

The Basil, the finest Mediterranean aromatic plant with Asian origins, which was called by the ancient Greeks “erba profumata degna di re” – scented herb worth the kings –, has connected part of its history to Liguria’s, especially to the Pra’ area, which is considered the capital of Basil and Pesto.


This happened thanks to the Ligurian climate and the agricultural competence that has been passed on to us from generation to generation.

The Basil cultivated in Pra’ has unique organoleptic features, its medium-small curved green leaves, its delicate scent and intense flavor distinguish it from other basil plants.

This finest raw material is the first ingredient for the production of our handmade Pesto, il pesto di Pra’.